A sense of community.

I was on holiday last week (it was great but I could use a weeks holiday to recover now!) and got back to find a ‘we tried to deliver…’ card from the Royal Mail in my letterbox. Two minutes online and I’ve organised a redelivery for today but have no idea what time it might arrive, so I head to the coffee shop to catch up on emails as usual and bump into my postman on the way into town.

I’ve been saying good morning with a smile and exchanging thoughts on the weather with him for years and today that let me ask if he had a ‘signed for’ letter for me, he checked, no letter. We discussed the cold weather that has finally arrived and I let him get back to delivering letters. The good news for me is that I don’t have to wait in all morning for a letter that isn’t going to arrive.

Community is a strange thing. People seem to think it is difficult to develop a sense of community but I have to disagree. All it takes is a smile, a cheery greeting and a few seconds treating people like you want to be treated, as a human being.

I’m speaking at a conference in Milan in a couple of weeks (www.DominoPoint.it) , about the global business community that exists in the IBM software space where I work, which has grown and matured over the last 25 years. It was only as I was writing a script for the talk that I realised both how easy and how hard it can be to maintain a community that is changing because people don’t like change and it’s easy for them to become disenfranchised.

So what can we do to help? Well let’s start with a smile, a good morning and maybe a hug. Watching the faces change in a community doesn’t mean the sense of communiy has to be lost, it’s an opportunity for growth. Embrace change, embrace your community and smile, at everybody!

The world according to PhatTone is back! 😊

The world according to PhatTone is back! 😊

It’s been a long time since tonyholder.com was active, long before Apple invented iCloud but when they still hosted web sites, five years at least, I guess! So why have I decided to reactivate the site again? “Surely Facebook is a good enough platform to share your travels, Tone?” I hear you ask, and it is. I’ve reactivated tonyholder.com because there are things I want write about, things like the IBM conference I went to last week and the sneaky hidden price hike on BA.com that nearly cost me £400. I also take a lot of photos, so I might share some of those too. 😊

So here we are, I’ll write up a couple of blog posts, one on business and one on travel, and I’ll probably switch skins on the site a few times and we’ll see where it goes there…